Friday, August 1, 2008

Opshopping Loot!

I decided to head in to Hobart today with the kids as one of the opshops was having a sale. I didn't stay too long as one usually can't with kids, but I scored really well - this is just some of my loot......

These first 2 are obviously linen/fabric, but I also scored myself this crochet cardi - a tad daggy, but that is me all over! (Although some may argue a little more than a "tad").

I managed to get a denim & velvet jacket too & a couple of patterns & diolies. Unfortunately there really wasn't anything for the kids - will just have to keep going on the machine!

Oh I also forgot I got a lovely package in the mail yesterday. I won a comp at craftymamas & received this knitting book - which I have already earmarked a few basic patterns for me (the more basic the better!!). I purchased the latest Ottobre which is just full of gorgeous patterns as always. I made up the top which is next to the devine brown Euro fabric I also purchased. Now that I know it works I will make it up with the brown fabric. It is the last pic - blue floral.


Xiola said...

Yep, it looks the same to me. It would have been such a gorgeous sheet set! I always think it's so nuts to find the same things like that. The colour in mine is quite good, it actually looks like it's new but it's pretty hacked up.

meika said...

Great op shop scores!

Could you send me an email so I have yours to send FQ swap details.