Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Anyone for pumpkin???

I LOVE pumpkin , apart from potato it is the one vegie mum never had to force me to eat. I always was happy to swap with my siblings if they didn't want theirs. Well if you like pumpkin like me & want a super quick meal to whizz up when you are short on time or just too lazy to put in too much effort, then my Pumpkin & ricotta triangles are for you...

Ingredients - Pumpkin, ricotta (I like fresh, but tub would be fine) cheese, garlic & puff pastry.

Cut up pumpkin into small cubes & either boil or steam till soft, but still with some shape. Drain & mix in ricotta cheese & loads of garlic (or not so much if you are going to be smooching someone soon ). Cut a puff pastry sheet diagonal into 2 large triangles & pop mixture in middle & fold over. Brush top with egg . Pop in the oven till pastry is nice & golden brown. Snuggle down in cosy chair & enjoy...think nothing of how fattening pastry is - only of how good the filling is :)

My kids are a little fussy, so they probably would not eat these, but they do like sausage rolls. To be sneaky & get the pumpkin into them I did this & they loved them....First I had 4 beef sausages which I removed the skin off. I mashed some of the cooked pumpkin in with the sausage meat & then added some fresh parmesan cheese. Wrapped it in puff pasrty in the shape of a sausage roll...easy peasy! They went down a treat.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Don't you love the Postman....

When they bring you treasures like these???
Thank you so much to Lisa at CRAFTY MAMAS for this fab pattern - I am itching to try it out, but Em needs to select her fabric. If you have never visited CRAFTY MAMAS before it is well worth it - not only does she stock gorgeous european patterns, sewing mags & delicious fabric, but her service is second to none!!
I just love what is written on the card of this parcel & this is what was inside.......

These 2 from Amy Butler's LOVE range are destined to be skirts for me....I think....

And I have eyed off both of these fabrics lately - I love the colour & print of the top one - from ALEXANDER HENRY'S "Willow Farm" range & the other is just too cute - from MICHAEL MILLER'S "Gnoming Around"

This Kaffe fassett red is going to be made into another skirt for me....I think I have a thing for Kaffe at the moment & the Amy Butler dots are just because - a girl doesn't need an excuse to buy beautiful fabric does she :) ????

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A break in the Weather...

Meant stealing the few hours of opportunity & going to the beach - we headed down to Bulcock Beach.

We forgot the togs, but children are good at improvising so it was clothes & all.

It was a bit windy, but it meant that there were alot of kite surfers which were fantastic to watch.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Me First... NO ME FIRST!!!

Even though as a mum we tend to get worn out by moments like this...
I must remember how truely blessed I am have to have these 2 monkies in my life!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Vintage Favourites....

I apologise - photography is not my forte, at least the pictures aren't blurred I suppose... Here are some more of my favourite non fabric vintage items....these actually are used on a regular basis - my daughters favourite puzzles at present.

I just love the pictures. I am unsure as to how old they are - most likely not too much older than me (so hopefully not that vintage), but the illustrations are beautiful. And their little boxes are so cute - so easy to store. They are made in England, and yes like the majority of my vintage bits n pieces I found them at the thrift store...25c a pop!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What are your favourite Vintage bits 'n' pieces??

Apart from fabric that is!!
I have so many so I thought I would share some with you over the next little while.

I think I love these vintage WILLOW tins because they remind me of my Grandma - I am sure she had some just like this. And of course because they are just beautiful & hopefully soon home to my buttons & other sewing treasures.

I was very lucky & picked them up from a garage sale for only $2 for the set!!

I also have the large rectangle in the same print - I think it was the bread box, but it is currently hiding from the camera under a pile of fabric!