Monday, April 12, 2010

UPCYCLE for Princess & Pirate Party

In need of a princess dress 1 day before the party I started to think I better do something. As a last resort I would have begrudgingly purchased an overpriced & not so good quality princess dress., thankfully the local op shop had this womens 90's dress.

Perfect for a very quick & simple upcycle into a wearable princess dress. Em was delighted & so was mummy as it came home covered in cake which didn't matter as it had only cost $6 (which went to a great cause anyway!)

As much as I was going to make Liam's pirate outfit, I couldn't go past this set on sale for only $6 also at Target.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Shorts, shorts & more shorts....

Em has decided to be my model - only with bribing - some easter eggs - honestly I would have thought she'd have had enough. I have made all these in 2 smaller sizes too so I have a cupboard full of shorts which I must list on madeit......

All created with recycled vintage fabrics, most aquired from op shops

I am sure Liam however will want to claim a few pairs when he sees them.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sewing again at last

I feel as though I have done no sewing of late, nor have I felt like it....I was getting a little worried. But over the last few days I have managed to finish a few things.

This is a very very quick set I whipped up on Friday night when i found out we were going to visit a new bubby. It was just an extra to put in with a few other gifts I already had.

The bag & skirt are orders from a lady - her daughter wanted the sesame street fabric for the bag & I wasn't sure how it would go - but it turned out better than expected. Both the skirt & the sesame street bag are made from vintage recycled fabrics. Sorry about the pics - as I have mentioned before Photography is not my forte & I haven't ironed the orders yet either - they are just some quick snapshops.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lunch?? And a link to a great Giveaway!!

That's if I could fit another ounce of chocolate in....

Apart from overindulgence of chocolate, here's hoping we can all remember the true meaning of Easter.
Oh yes the giveaway..check out the lovely blog by Ashleigh from she has a wonderful giveaway at the moment!