Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shorts, pants, shorts & more pants

Well I have been on a mission to once again try & decrease my UFO pile & these pants & shorts have been the last days effort. All made from recycled / vintage fabrics (curtains & sheets). Some long shorts & pantss. I am happy with most of them, but am not so sure on the red pocket on the "save the animal pants" - what do you think??

Monday, November 10, 2008


I just love the "love" that is spread with a giveaway & have been meaning to do another one for a little bit. In my stash cleanout I came across this vintage book for making soft toys. It is titled "Glen Pownall's Creative Leisure Series SOFT TOYS ". It was printed in 1974 & gave me a giggle to go through & see some of the style of toys I had when I was little.

So to enter, please just leave a comment. I will draw this one in a couple of weeks toward the end of November......

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Bit Slack....

I have been rather slack with blogging of late, well with just about everything actually - I am trying to sort through loads of stuff, largest of which is my fabric stash. We are moving in the not too distant future & I think I am getting a little stressed!
I have however just had the most wonderful night away in Launceston with a girlfriend without our husbands or children & apart from the drive it was FANTASTIC!!! Launceston is a really beautiful city if ever you get the chance to visit - the parks, old churches & gorgeous old homes & so much more....

Sewing wise I have finished a few things of late. I made a couple of Portabello Pixie dresses from the "Claire" pattern (great name don't youthink?).
The first one is very spotty & was my first attempt - hence the clash of the spots (just used whatever was in the stash to try the pattern & size). But Em loves it as it is pink!

The second is made from recycled vintage linen... I think I will add the waist tie to this one & then may pop it in my Etsy store - hopefully in the not too distant future.

This last pic is another Market Bag I made up, however I was trying to shortcut the seam at the top & it turned out a bit on the uneven side so I have claimed this one. (I apologise for my poor photography & lack of ironing skills - I see so many blogs with the most gorgeous photos - I think I need to take a course) It is made from seersucker & vintage tablecloth. They are a really fantastic sized bag - I think I certainly will be raiding a little more of my vintage stash to make some more of these up.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Elephant & a market bag...

I cut out an elephant applique quite a while ago with the intention of putting it on a denim dress for Em, but like many of my great intentions this never came to fruition. So instead it ended up on a pair of denim shorts (made from thrifted denim) which were quick to whip up. Em raided my button tin this morning & came up with a small vintage flower button for his eye. It isn't the best applique as I could not find my vlisofix, but for everyday wear it is fine.

I also received my Portabello Pixie patterns in the post last week & decided to quickly whip up a market bag today . It isn't ironed & I didn't use interfacing, but it was a fantastic & quick pattern to sew up. i used yet again some thrifted fabric for the bottom section (taken from a vintage curtain) and just some other fabric from my stash which matched.