Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tassies Beautiful East Coast...

If ever you get the chance to visit Tasmania there are SO many places to visit, but the east coast is highly recommended by me. We have done the whole East Coast before, but for a few days before Christmas we decided to take a couple of day break & stayed at Swansea as Mr Spunky really wanted to get the chance to go back to Freycinet National Park (everything in Coles Bay was already booked). We did the Wineglass Bay walk with the kids. It is rather steep with steps

It was pretty muich like this pic the whole way up & back too, but hey if Em (4) could do it - she walked the whole way much to our surprise - anyone can. And I tell you it was worth the walk. We were blessed with an absolutely stunning day!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Wishing everyone a most Joyous Christmas. May the true meaning of Christmas fill your heart & may your new year be richly blessed!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some sewing..

Oh I am feeling a bit lazy so not much describing..these are just some reversible smock tops that I have made out of recycled linen (mostly curtains & sheets). these are part of my effort to make as much with my stash before I have to leave alot of it behind....only 5 weeks till the big move!

I also decided to play with some applique - the robot stitching is atrocious, so don't look too close, but I was happy with the bird....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Terribly slack.....

I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last post!! I do have good excuses - the internet was down for at least a week and a half - honestly what did we do before the internet??
I was away for another week & my gorgeous mum was here for the other week. On top of that I have been doing the painstasking & very time consuming Fabric stash cull - this really has not been easy. But we are moving in 5 1/2 weeks & Mr Spunky is being tuff. I think I would have easily filled 20 packing boxes with all my stash - new, vintage, recycled, including chenille bedspreads etc but he has limited me to 3, yes 3!! I think I may have sneaked an extra box, but really need so many more. Mum was a wonderful help & in one day we carted about 10 garbage bags full off to the local charity shop.....

I haven't had a chance to do much sewing in this time, but I did sew these guys up while the internet was down.

I have also made a blue one, but think I will try & make some shorts for him. They have been made from vintage chenille & vintage sheet fabric.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shorts, pants, shorts & more pants

Well I have been on a mission to once again try & decrease my UFO pile & these pants & shorts have been the last days effort. All made from recycled / vintage fabrics (curtains & sheets). Some long shorts & pantss. I am happy with most of them, but am not so sure on the red pocket on the "save the animal pants" - what do you think??

Monday, November 10, 2008


I just love the "love" that is spread with a giveaway & have been meaning to do another one for a little bit. In my stash cleanout I came across this vintage book for making soft toys. It is titled "Glen Pownall's Creative Leisure Series SOFT TOYS ". It was printed in 1974 & gave me a giggle to go through & see some of the style of toys I had when I was little.

So to enter, please just leave a comment. I will draw this one in a couple of weeks toward the end of November......

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Bit Slack....

I have been rather slack with blogging of late, well with just about everything actually - I am trying to sort through loads of stuff, largest of which is my fabric stash. We are moving in the not too distant future & I think I am getting a little stressed!
I have however just had the most wonderful night away in Launceston with a girlfriend without our husbands or children & apart from the drive it was FANTASTIC!!! Launceston is a really beautiful city if ever you get the chance to visit - the parks, old churches & gorgeous old homes & so much more....

Sewing wise I have finished a few things of late. I made a couple of Portabello Pixie dresses from the "Claire" pattern (great name don't youthink?).
The first one is very spotty & was my first attempt - hence the clash of the spots (just used whatever was in the stash to try the pattern & size). But Em loves it as it is pink!

The second is made from recycled vintage linen... I think I will add the waist tie to this one & then may pop it in my Etsy store - hopefully in the not too distant future.

This last pic is another Market Bag I made up, however I was trying to shortcut the seam at the top & it turned out a bit on the uneven side so I have claimed this one. (I apologise for my poor photography & lack of ironing skills - I see so many blogs with the most gorgeous photos - I think I need to take a course) It is made from seersucker & vintage tablecloth. They are a really fantastic sized bag - I think I certainly will be raiding a little more of my vintage stash to make some more of these up.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Elephant & a market bag...

I cut out an elephant applique quite a while ago with the intention of putting it on a denim dress for Em, but like many of my great intentions this never came to fruition. So instead it ended up on a pair of denim shorts (made from thrifted denim) which were quick to whip up. Em raided my button tin this morning & came up with a small vintage flower button for his eye. It isn't the best applique as I could not find my vlisofix, but for everyday wear it is fine.

I also received my Portabello Pixie patterns in the post last week & decided to quickly whip up a market bag today . It isn't ironed & I didn't use interfacing, but it was a fantastic & quick pattern to sew up. i used yet again some thrifted fabric for the bottom section (taken from a vintage curtain) and just some other fabric from my stash which matched.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mr Postman You Are Wonderful...

Well Mrs Postman in our case, because you delivered my purchase from Jetta's Nest . Em absolutely LOVES it , well so do I, but unfortunately it will not fit me. Although I can make this style of top, the applique detail & the fabric selection are just so WONDERFUL!! So for a gorgeous piece of kids clothing which is very well made & unique check out her blog which also has a link to her Etsy store - you won't regret it!!

Thanks so much again Xiola!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


And the winner is...JADE ! Congratulations.
I got Em to pick a number out of the hat for this one to make it random & no.3 came up!
All going well it will be in the post this week.
Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments.
I will certainly be doing some more giveaways in the future!

15 minutes and some felt....

Well Em had been at me to make some little toys with her for a while so finally this week we found the felt stash & made these 2 little animals for her - we now have a list of other animals we MUST make. They were both done free hand (which is probably rather obvious) and took about 15 min each to make....

Remember my giveaway is drawn tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy....

I have been so very busy of late - I think I am trying to sort things out before we move - goodness it only about 3 months away! I have to destash so much & don't want to, but Mr Spunky has given me the hard word! I have had no where near as much time to sew, but have managed to finish these 2..
First is another twirly skirt for Em, I really must get my act together & do up a tutorial for this skirt - it is mostly just remembering to take pics as I sew one up!

Second is a pair of pants I drafted up & made out of vintage sheets. They have not turned out exactly as I would have hoped, but Em seemed to love them & wanted to put them on straight away!

By the way, remember that my giveaway ends on Monday......

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sorry my Princess, mummy is a couple of days late with this one.

You were the most precious thing mummy had ever been given, and boy how time has gone by so fast!

First one...

Then 2 and 3 years went by in what seemed like the bat of an eyelid..

Look at you now, 4 years old , but still as precious as ever to me. I love you princess & am so glad you had a wonderful 4th birthday!
God truely blessed me more than I could ever have imagined when he gave me you!

I can't wait to see what the next 4 years hold!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

SPUNKYMONKIES Sweet Little Girls Dress/ Long Top GIVEAWAY!!!

Ok I am doing my first GIVEAWAY. I have been meaning to do one for quite some time, but have just vnever got my act together! So I have one of my original "Spunkymonkies" peasant style dress/long tops to giveaway. I have not sold this one as the edges were finished with a zigzag stitch instead of overlocker, which really is only an aesthetic issue (and hey whoever sees the inside of the garment!
I love this little dress as it has longer sleeves approx elbow length. Elastic cased neckline. Made from recycled vintage cotton fabrics!
It will fit up to a size 4, but is probably best suited to a size 3 for the best fit!

All you need to do is leave a comment.

I will draw the lucky winner in 2 weeks time on the 27th October.

Not much sewing But...

Oh, more like absolutely no sewing done this weekend, but we did go on a church camp at a really beautiful spot on Tassie's east coast. The beach had such clean white sand & the water was so blue & clear - mind you coming from QLD there was no way I was going swimming!! Water down here is colder than QLD in winter! But still nice for the kids to have a little play.

Oh the pants Liam has on are some I finished up during the week - so I suppose some sewing is mentioned. They were made from a vintage sheet I almost didn't buy as i wasn't quite sure what I would do with it, but couldn't resist as I do love the green.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bits and Pieces

I am in major destash mode at the moment, so if you are after fabric I am your girl! As a result I have also been cutting out like mad & my UFO pile is ginormous! I have battled a pile & hopefully I will have some pics of soon. These are a couple of skirts I finished today that were in the pile....

They ahve been made from vintage recycled tablecloths. The first 2 pics are the same skirt, just back & front, made from 2 different seersucker tablecloths & the last is from a heavier weight cotton table cloth - it would have to be my favourite.

I also finished up these pants for Liam. I was trying to make a pattern for long shorts, but they turned out more like pants, which is fine as the weather down here still doesn't really allow for wearing shorts at the moment...roll on summer.....
This last picture is of Em in the most gorgeous vintage, very retro dress I picked up at the opshop - it was made for her - it fits perfectly! It cost $8 which is more than I would normally pay for clothing from the opshop, but I just had to have it - I would easily have paid more!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A twirly skirt...

I made this twirly skirt from scratch for Em yesterday - a bit longer than I originally wanted it, but will fit her for ages & next time I will just change the length. I will have to put up a tutorial one day when I get my act together as it really was simple to do....
A bit of twirling action!