Sunday, March 30, 2008

A bit of a lull....

Well I am in a bit of a lull with my sewing at the moment - not sure if it is the change in the weather down here (wet & freezing!). I have started about 10 things of late, but none finished. I have done alot of looking through my stash - I am a fabricaholic so this is a very enjoyable task. I often find many things & go "oooh I forgot I had that!!". I fell in love with Amy Butler fabrics when her "Ginger Bliss" range came out & have half made a quilt from the fabric, but found some extra bits the other day so I will make a bag I think...... we'll see anyway. Well I think that is enough babbling for now, I really should be sewing up a storm, but instead I think I will go & make a hot chocolate & leave you with a picture of 2 of my current favourite vintage/retro fabrics (first the one with red tones I rescued from a pillow my mother in law was going to toss & the other is a vintage curtain). Both will eventually be made into bags & maybe even a cushion from the green one....there I go babbling again .... hot chocolate is calling & maybe even a timtam to dunk too - ooh that is rather naughty, but oh so YUMMY!!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. The kids were all chocolated out by about 8am!! But had a great morning with a treasure hunt too. After that I headed to Hobarts showground markets which are on every Sunday morning & are full of all sorts. Great sometimes for a rummage & yesterday I got some great bits! First was this super cute vintage childrens lamp & it works for only $4!

Next were some vintage curtains in fantastic nik - I just love this print - I actually have a pillowcase in my stash with the same print. Some of this is definately destined for a bag or cushions..

Then a lady was clearing out her Nan's garage & I scored these fantastic teatowels which have never been used - 5 all together for only $3. The tag reads they are made in Milano. Not sure what to do with them yet - they were just too fantastic to leave for that price! I also scored a linen / crochet tablecloth but it is soaking so no pic.

Lastly there are to older ladies who have a stall every week selling patterns, trims, buttons & all odds & ends. I picked up this lovely old cotton trims for 50c / meter & they are always so nice & threw in this huge vintage button free (it is actually more of a peach colour, not brown like the photo).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Soft Birdie & chick

After wizzing up the spunky little chicks yesterday for the kids, my mind has been buzzing with ideas for stuffed toys for the kids. This one is a birdie & its chick that my daughter (3) helped me make. She told me the colours etc which she wanted & helped with the stuffing. It is all made from recycled vintage chenille, except for the dotty cotton which came out of my scrap bag. The baby hides under the wing in a little pocket (or 'nest' as my daughter calls it).

Spunky Easter Chickens

Well I started out with the intention of making the tutorial by Mollychicken for her cute chicken, but kind of fell by the way side & ended up with these 2 scruffy looking ones. I made their heads from vintage chenille - dd didn't want hair, but thought I would make ds one with a bit of spunky hair (the bedspread fringe). They were a bit of a rush job, so rather rough sewing, but the kids don't care which is great! The kids also picked out the body fabrics from my scrap bag.

I go through stages with my sewing, usually from clothes to bags/cushions, but am at present in a crafting for the kids mood.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The real end result ...

This is the other result of our chocolate crackle easter eggs... I actually forgot to get easter egg moulds, so we just made them in pattycake pans.

Chocolate, chocolate & more chocolate.....

Well I promised my darling daughter that we would make chocolate crackle easter eggs with a recipe from better homes and gardens &this is the result....

Some completed sewing, well almost...

I have a zillion projects on the go, and am forever wanting to start new things, but I made myself sit down & complete a few things today. First & formost was a bag for my sister in laws birthday tomorrow. This was actually the third bag I made, but the first I was half happy with - silly me kept trying new patterns & not going with tried & tested ones. Unfortuantely it doesn't look that fantastic in the photo, but it is a great pattern. It is called the WASP BAG - I found the tutorial for it on the net, but can't remember where sorry - I am sure if you google the name you will find it.

The second lot was 2 pair of basic matching pants for my 2 nieces (one is 4 the other 6 months).

Finally the top which I chose from the Japanese girls clothes sewing book - it is almost finished - just have to do the arm & bottom hem. Considering the book is in Japanese the pictures made it really easy to follow!!

I think that is my crafty release for today......

Pillowcase transformation

Ok so I know it isn't an evening bag, but I was just playing around to see what I could do with a 50c pillowcase from the thrift store. It actually is quite roomy & will be great to throw all my stuff in to go to the beach with the kids.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter Baskets

Well I have 2 wee ones who are 18months & 3 years so we have decided we will do a treasure hunt for them this easter (we did it for our 3 year old last year & she had the most wonderful time!!). I wanted them to have a little basket each & bought some spotted felt, which i was just going to do a very basic square basket, but then found Jodie at ricracs fantastic tutorial for fabric buckets. (Thanks Jodie). These are great & SO,SO easy to make!! I have a pic of my daughters one finished the other pic is of the felt/fabric I will make my little boys out of. I will however just add a handle at the top so it is easier for them to carry around.

This really is fabulous tutorial & I am going to make myself a couple to neaten up my sewing odds & ends.

Friday, March 14, 2008

I have decided....

Well I think I have decided on this top first. I have some pink fabric with which I will cut it out from that I got from Spotlight for about $1 a meter on sale, so I won't really mind if it does not turn out. But if it does I have some vintage fabric which I think will suit it perfectly. I just have to finish the pants for my niece & bag for my sister in law first - I decided to try out the 1 hour bag tutorial by Jodie at ricrac & have only the handle to go. It is such an easy & versitile pattern to try.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Beautiful japanese sewing books

Like so many of you I am sure, I just adore the Japanese style of clothing & had been after some of their little girls clothing books for quite some time. I must say a huge thanks to my sister in law Noriko & her mum in Japan for sending them to me. They are worth getting even if just to look through. My problem now is to decide which to sew first - I love ALL of the patterns. I have earmarked a vintage sheet for a top or dress so will have to attack one of the patterns over the weekend, even though I have to finish matching pants for my nieces & a bag or 2 for my sister in law for her birthday......

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is a pic I just had to post - I love it! It is of my darling daughter Em who has claimed my retro Banana Lounge. She wouldn't even share it with her doll, whom she had to get another chair for! It was a bargain $3 from my local tip shop & is in fantastic nik.

I have only recently discovered tip shops & although the name doesn't sound too inviting I have found some great stuff there & the money raised usually goes to local charities which is great! My best buy would probably have been a relatively new sewing machine (looked as though it had hardly been used!) in perfect working order with manual for $10!! So if you like a bargain or just love to have a peek at what is one mans trash & maybe your treasure check out your local tip shop.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Holiday OPSHOP Haul ...

Well I have just had the most wonderful week away with my 2 little spunkymonkies, staying with a girlfriend. While I was there I decided to check out the local oppos & found some great vintage sheets & crafty bits. Attached is some photos of some of the bits I picked up. Not sure what I will do with all of it - but I just couldn't leave it there - I love vintage fabrics - I find the old sheets are much better quality & great to sew with. Now all I have to do is find the time to sew........

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sasha, my latest sewing endevour

Well I just love the farbenmix patterns (available at craftymamas online shop) & made myself sit down last night and make this "Sasha" wavy dress. It was actually easier than I thought - just took a little time with the gathering. I am trying to destash (which, with all the fabric I have will take a lifetime!) so this was a great start.

My first post....

Well I have been meaning to do this for such a long time - start a blog that is - not sure why, but maybe it is great just to have an outlet & share with others. I love to sew ( not that I am that fabulous at it) and am a self confessed opshop addict - even just to look....
I am a wife to one gorgeous great hunk - o - spunk (he would probably be rather embarrassed if he knew I called him that, but I do love 'Kath & Kim') & mum to 2 spunky little monkies all of whom add the best bit of spunk to my life!
So now I have started this blog I better keep it up...