Monday, May 24, 2010

Just because I don't have anything else to write..

I tend to be a brown thumb, but these guys are blooming beautifully at the moment (most likely because my mum always waters them for me when she come over).

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Is truely what I have just had. Mum & I flew down to Melbourne for the weekend. No Husband or Children!!! Which in itself was a treat, but to add to that the Stitches & Craft Show was on. I had never been to one before so I had lots of fun.

Super cute hedgehogs kit which was purchased from the lovely Jodie of ricrac . I am planning to have these made for Em for her birthday - I have at least till October to get this done!

The kaftan is a pattern I have been wanting to get for me - It looks super comfy & hopefully easy to make!
The Elephant was just too cute to resist, even though I have another elephant pattern I thought this one would be cute to try in chenille.
(Sorry the pic is sideways - not sure what happened there - had to be the computers fault - surely not mine ;) )
And well no excuse needed for cute fabrics like this - Although I am planning to use the russian dolls for self covered buttons which I will make into hair ties I think.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sew long since blogging, but I have done a little sewing

Oh do find you blog in dribs & drabs sometimes??
Thats me - I tend to blog regularly then stop all together, until I feel terribly slack & start over again.
I don't have much of an excuse - we have been away, but that only took about a week.
I have being sewing quite a lot & teaching a friend to sew too. Unfortunately I forget to photograph our finished products before she takes them home. I am really enjoying it though - not only the good company, but sharing a passion with someone who is so eager to learn & who understands my love of fabric. She agrees that she could spend a whole afternoon just looking & touching lovely fabric. Ahh a girl after my own heart there!
These however are a few items I have finished recently.

The 2 skirts are based around a pattern from a Japanese sewing book my lovley sister in law Noriko brought back from Japan for me. The pattern is quite simple, but oh so pretty - I will certainly make more of these.

The 3 bags are ones I just whipped up because I was in the mood. The blue one I am certainly keeping - it was made from a vintage tablecloth which I loved - I have lined it with some vintage cotton sheet fabric. The other 2 are made from vintage fabrics also.