Friday, March 27, 2009

I have to move...

Very big sulk & hanging my head because due to our internet restictions i have to move my blog & I am not the happiest of campers. My new blog site is
I just don't like the layout, the advertising & the fact that it is a bit difficult to work out.
Sorry I will stop my whinge.
Please still come & visit me :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It is SEW good to be sewing again!!

Oh after 3 weeks away from my sewing machine it is really good to be in sewing mode again!
I am trying to be good & reduce the pile of UFO's, so I am allowing myself to make one new thing & then finish one UFO - hmmmmm not sure how long that is going to last, but will keep at it.

I finished 2 different smock tops which were in the UFO pile - I am goin to be making up quite a few of these & opening my etsy Spunkymonkies store again & I may even give Madeit a go.
I had this yellow floral fat quater just lying around for ages & couldn't decide what to do with it, but thought it went quite well with the spot it was next to on my pile. So a simple little skirt was created for Em - she can never have enough skirts according to her.
I also whipped up this mushie one - which I LOVE & although it is not pink - Em says it is her favourite too. I might just do a little mushroom applique with the same fabrics on a white t to go with the skirt....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

For the last 3 weeks I have been.....

Spending almost everyday here.
We have just come home from having 3 weeks on Hamilton Island & it was wonderful. Mr Spunky was working there so we decided he couldn't live without us & that we would have to tag along too :)
The kids swam, swam & then did a little more swimming. The island also has a small zoo which has quite a lot of animals including koalas which the kids loved patting as much as possible. Also there were dingoes, kangaroos, a cassowary, crocs etc...

The only real hiccup was cyclone Hamish, but thankfully we survived!
It was wonderful that my brother & sister in law came to visit, along with my gorgeous nieces - one of which I met for the first time - yes a pic of a very proud Auntie!
Mr Spunky forbade me from taking my sewing machine along so I did a little hand sewing - I NEVER hand sew, but it kept me from going crazy!! I will have to post a pic of the finished product soon.