Thursday, April 9, 2009

Applique attempts & other bits..

There is a special little girls birthday soon & her mama is a lover of woodland creatures & things, so I made up these 2 little appliqued tops. I am not anywhere near as good as the applique queen (check out Sam'a amazing appliques @ Jettas Nest), but I was quite happy that these guys didn't give me too much grief.
I have been doing a lot of cutting out for stock of my etsy store - I just need to sew it all up & list it ( I get kinda slack at this point). I did finish these 2 pair of flares which I will hopefully list soon.


ingrid said...

Wow, they are super funky flares! Very cute!

Jetta's Nest said...

I love your applique tees Claire, they look great! I'm definately not the applique queen...I think I just get lucky :)

Lovin' those flares HEAPS!!! Oh, and I've seen that Sesame Street fabric somewhere before...hmmm..I think we've got a bit of similar stuff in our stashes :)