Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am alive!

I am alive and well - although a wee bit busy.

I had quite a long break from sewing - not by choice, but life was crazy & I really had lost my sew jo. But it has returned & I have just sewn up a load of items for a lady who is now stocking my "spunkymonkies" creations at her stall at Eumundi Markets - ekkk - very exciting actually!

So if you are at the Eumundi markets search out for the "Yellow Canary". It is at the back permanent section of the markets. I forgot to take pics of the stock before I took it out there, but did get some pics of Del in the store & she is even wearing one of my halter tops made from vintage fabrics.

Together with this I have just started a new job, so this blog may become only a monthly thing (more often if I can) as I am going to be one busy mama from now on.


Kylie said...

Glad to hear that you are still alive. Yay on having your stuff stocked in a shop - will have to make the drive one day nd check it out. Good luck with the new job.

Vic said...

Nice to see you! Congratulations on both your new job & your creations being stocked on the stall... exciting!

Ashleigh said...

That is great news next time I'm up Eumundi way I will definately have to check out your goodies! Congrats on you new job too.

Joely Whiting said...

oh Claire, it's good that you're still alive! Well done on selling your creations at Eumundi and not having to actually go through all the tricky business of running a stall, very clever! hope your new job goes well :)

zofia said...

That is great news Claire!
Eumundi markets are so lovely.
Congrats on the new job also. Mmm, more money for vintage fabric perhaps? ;)

monART said...

wowee! Still have your tea towel you've made me and when I see dots I have to think of you :)Good going with the market, I hope you're fine for the rest ;)