Monday, August 31, 2009


Apologies to anyone who has been checking up on my blog only to find I have been terribly slack for the last month!
It has been one busy & scattered year for us. Mr Spunky has been working away alot (in the Solomon Islands now as we speak) and we have also been away a little & when we haven't I have just been busy or not motivated to craft too much. But I have just had the most wonderful visit with my gorgeous sister in law twolittlefishes and she has got me itching to craft again - Thank you Joely!!!
I madly drove from the sunshine coast to Mackay on my own with the kids - boy were they long drives, but thankfully we had a DVD player - priceless for long trips with 2 small children.

I stopped at a few op shops along the way (couldn't help myself) & got some lovely treasures. Hopefully once all the fabric bits are washed I will share some pics, but I did manage to find some cute Noddy books, together with a beautifully illustrated squirrel one....

I also picked up this cup & saucer set. It isn't what one would call "pretty", but there is something I love about it. It is made in New Zealand. Oh & some cute vintage buttons (can't see the detail very well sorry.

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Joely Whiting said...

oh I am glad you had a good time and got your craft mojo back. Stacey has come up with an idea for the kids for xmas and has me working away on the idea! Will give you a peek a bit later.