Friday, January 1, 2010

150 Posts & my neglect!

I can't believe that this is post 150. I had every intention of making this one a blog giveaway, but as I am holidays & can't get into my stash to see what I would love to giveaway, I will have to wait till I get home...but another giveaway is coming - I promise!!
Apologies to anyone who has been checking in to see if I have managed to blog. I have been slack, but can I make the excuse that this time of year is just madness??
We had a wonderful Christmas, a little tricky trying to juggle between both sides of the family, but we made it!
The new year has begun - yikes! Both my babies are starting something new - Em in prep & Liam in kindy. I am not looking forward to that day - I think I am going to sob my heart out. The only good thing is that I may have a wee bit more time to try & craft this year.
Anyway this is a rather dull entry as it has no pics - sorry. But I do wish you all a most wonderful new year full of bountiful blessings, joy & lots of adventure!!!!


Kylie said...

Happy New Year - we will have to catch up when you get back - we are now in Brisvagas:) Love K

zofia said...

A happy New Year to you too Claire!
A years of 1sts. My Tallulah is starting Prep also... will be quiet with just me and Zeb at home!

Starla said...

I found your blog through another one and I like your style. It is hard to keep up with your blog, in fact that is what I am suppose to be doing right now :)
Happy New Year

Ashleigh said...

Happy new year, i too have a little one starting prep...aaahhh. Can imagine it now he'll be fine I'll be a wreck. Oh but the joy in watching them grow and smile. Love your blog by the way!

monART said...

ahw mommy has to move to the next phase with the kiddies. Mmm will go well, just needs a bit of getting into a new rhytm I guess ;-) The best wishes for 2010 dear!