Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What are your favourite Vintage bits 'n' pieces??

Apart from fabric that is!!
I have so many so I thought I would share some with you over the next little while.

I think I love these vintage WILLOW tins because they remind me of my Grandma - I am sure she had some just like this. And of course because they are just beautiful & hopefully soon home to my buttons & other sewing treasures.

I was very lucky & picked them up from a garage sale for only $2 for the set!!

I also have the large rectangle in the same print - I think it was the bread box, but it is currently hiding from the camera under a pile of fabric!


cherri said...

Oh I remember those - I think my Nana had a blue lid set, a really dark navy blue and perhaps a cream tin with blue flowers - wow that takes you back!

JulieT said...

Oh they are so sweet I love the colours! I have a set that look like acorns my sister found at a garage sale for me they are very art deco

Snowdrops and Mudpie said...

My favourite things would be my Nanna's patterns (some gorgeous ones from the 50's) and the green cut glass vases that the previous owner of our cottage gave to us. They had belonged to her MIL but she said they belonged to the house which was really sweet of her.

Gilly said...

Oh how adorable are they!

Steffi said...

Really beautiful and I like the colours.

Crafty Mama said...

OMG, My Nana had a set of those tins!!!