Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More sewing

Well I have done loads of cutting out of things lately & the UFO pile is sky high, so I thought that I better finish a few things

"Weeke" pants by Farbenmix - there is also a top in the set, but have not cut it out yet - sorry I really need to iron my things before taking a pic - they look uneven, but they aren't.

This bucket style bag is made from a retro supper cloth which was one of my favourites & finally decided on this bag - it was too small for a pair of pants for liam which I would have liked to have done instead.

This bucket bag is made from a left over pice of Amy Butlers "Ginger Bliss" range (I adore the colour & pattern of this fabric) & some other spot I had.

I didn't mean for this pic to be here & can't get rid of it, but if you are wondering it is a handsewn order I did on some trackie pants.

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