Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a bargain!!

Well today I got the best bargain I think I have ever got when thrifting. I stopped in at my local tip shop to have a squizz & for $3, yes you heard right $3 I came away with all this.....
These gorgeous vintage barkcloth type curtains - The photo does not do them justice - the colours are so pretty!! Definately destined for a bag & maybe some cushions...
Vintage drill nautical fabric (about 1 & 1/2 M) - Most likely some pants for Liam..
Yes there is still more... Remember all of this for $3 (You can tell I was rather wrapped with my purchases)
Fantastic retro cotton print fabric - about 3M!
And finally, you wouldn't believe it, but another of these tablecloths (see post from a couple of days ago!) & 2 gorgeous vintage smocking patterns!

I really couldn't believe it & even asked the man if he was sure that was enough & he said yes of course. It is generally pretty cheap there but not usually that cheap! WOW I just couldn't believe how fortunate I was - I almost didn't stop as I had to get home & pack. We are off to QLD for a break (and hopefully some warmer weather!!).


Black Eyed Susie said...

Oh. I'm so jealous. I haven't had a good fabric find for ages. Are you in Hobart? I think the op shops there are best.

Black Eyed Susie said...

That bucket bag you have in the retro brown circles fabric is great and guess what? I had that fabric in blue once. All used up years ago sadly. I wish I could get more.