Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yoyo's anyone???

While we were in Fiji I knew I would get a small amount of withdrawl symptoms as I would be away from my sewing machine so I took along my clover yoyo maker & some scraps

of fabric. It was actually rather relaxing lazing either by the pool or in our villa at night making them up. I think I made about 50! My challenge now is what I should do with them. I will no doubt use some with a button in the centre on tops for Em, but the rest????

I also wanted to purchase some fabric while I was there, but unfortunately the shops I cam across with fabric had alot of polycotton blends & I really wanted just cotton. I did however pick up this piece which I am planning to make some shorts for Liam out of & most likely a bag, when I fins the right pattern.


Kylie said...

Sounds like you had a relaxing time away.

Yoyo's can be turned into hairclips - flowers and i stitched a heap of them together to make a christmas garland - would make a nice decoration for a bedroom or living area...

Tracy said...

I'm planning in making some yoyo toys with my pile ...oneday :)

monART said...

did you make em with a clover yo yo maker?
I've once seen they've make a simple pillow and then attach the yo yo's over it, like this:
here is a yoyo angels
of course you can also attach them on bags ;-)