Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not much sewing But...

Oh, more like absolutely no sewing done this weekend, but we did go on a church camp at a really beautiful spot on Tassie's east coast. The beach had such clean white sand & the water was so blue & clear - mind you coming from QLD there was no way I was going swimming!! Water down here is colder than QLD in winter! But still nice for the kids to have a little play.

Oh the pants Liam has on are some I finished up during the week - so I suppose some sewing is mentioned. They were made from a vintage sheet I almost didn't buy as i wasn't quite sure what I would do with it, but couldn't resist as I do love the green.


zofia said...

I love these- green is my favourite!

Kylie said...

Love the green pants too - Looks like you enjoyed your time at the beach - the kids will not know themselves when you move back to QLD and are allowed in the water (oh just wait - blue jellys - Humm!)

I am with you - there is no way I would be in the water either.