Monday, July 28, 2008

So much to do this week......

Oh I have so much sewing to get done this week & of course so many other projects I would prefer to be doing. Lets see how I go by Sunday, these are what need to be started & completed

1 - 4 year old girls birthday pressie (toy ? bag? )
2 - 4 year old boys birthday pressie (shirt? otherwise absolutely no idea!)
3 - A dress for a friends daughter (at least cut out already!)
4 - A dress up outfit for Liam - Thinking cowboy??
5 - 2 matching pants & top outfits (for sisters)

Anyway I will start tomorrow (yes rather a bad at procrastinating - or should I say good??).

These are 2 tops I have made up for Liam. The guitar one is one which I winged (I didn't have a pattern, but had an idea what I wanted). If you don't look too closely at the sewing it at least fits him well & he loves it.
Second is a hooded which I actually made from the girls Farbenmix "Olivia" dress pattern (which of course you can buy at CraftyMamas). I just cut off the dress to make it shirt length , changed the shape of the sleeves a little & didn't put the back tie section on the hood. It fit perfectly which was great - I will definately be making more of these!

I have been awaiting 2 packages from overseas & one arived today - YAY! Fabric from the US. 3 yards of the guitar, 1 of the cowboys & 3 of the rocketships etc. I originally just wanted the guitars, but the fabric was rather cheap & for the same postage price I could get up to 8 yards - couldn't resist!


KaM said...

I am loving the shark top!! Its so cute and what a great idea!

Where did you get the fabrics from? I love the guitars!!

Xiola said...

Hey Spunky...I've got that space fabric too!! It's so cute isn't it...can't wait to see what you make.

Claire said...

Kam, the guitars, space & cowboys all came from the US - you can however get them in some quilting stores here.
Xiola - I love the space fabric too & undecided what to do with it - I just couldn't resist!