Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are these Spunky or what????

How spunky is this mens pants pattern?? I think it is more the paisley print on the pants that makes this pattern - Mr Spunky is rather conservative with his dressing & would never in a million years wear these pants - but I just couldn't resist the pattern - they look just so funky - I love them!!

At the same time I picked up this lovely vintage size 5 (perfect for Em) pattern, which I will hopefully get around to making. Terrible really I am supposed to be decreasing my stash drastically, but it isn't .....hmmmmmm, I wonder why?????
I also picked up the kids these gorgeous vintage books - 2 Enid Blyton, which surprisingly only cost 50c & $1 & 'The 3 Friends' book which is rather old & has the most beautiful illustrations. I will have to take a couple of pictures later.
Oh & the little plaque - I just couldn't resist - the little girl & boy are just lovely - this will hang in Ems room when we get back to QLD.


naomi said...

wow! My hubby would love those pants...pitty they arent his size, or I would steal it off you:) The cut of them looks really nice, not so sure about the printed ones though!

Xiola said...

Oh, mine too! We're a bit of a flarey old family here :).

I love that little picture you found too!

ingrid said...

Oh so much vintage cuteness(and spunkiness) in this post!
I adore the little wall plaque. It is too cute!

Kylie said...

Must say that my DH would be in the same vote as your DH - there is no way he would wear anything like that LOL

Love the little girls dress though - lovely for summer