Friday, September 5, 2008

A dress for Em...

Yesterdays finished sewing project was a dress for Em. With summer soon upon us I wanted to try & get some things made for the kids beforehand. This is great dress (cross between a pillowcase dress pattern and one in the Ottobre Spring 1/2008) as she can wear it now over a longsleeve - still rather nippy down here in Tas, but will be perfect in summer on its own - esp when we head back to Queensland.

The first picture, although it is the back of the dress, is actually the front - she had it on backtofront & wouldn't take it off (at least she likes it!!).

Hopefully tonight I will finish off some boys shorts & maybe if I am lucky a skirt or 2!

Hope you are all haveing a lovely weekend - although cool the sun is out & is beautiful!!


Sara said...

The dress is adorable! Glad Em loves it. :)

sweetness said...

that is really wonderful, i love the fabric you have used together. good work!