Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 2 - Finished products....

I knew I would regret saying I was going to try & complete a sewing project each day this week, but it is good motivation. I have completed another skirt & also a top (well all except the bottom hem line)

The skirt is reversible & is differet at each sides. It fits me well, but I am tossing up whether to sell it on Etsy or keep it for me... decisions, decisions - life is tough with these sort of things don't you think :) !!

Sorry - the loose threads are not part of the design :) !!

The top was just trying out a pattern & am rather happy with the fit - it is one of those tops which hides a multitude of sins - like the packet of timtams I ate ALL by myself - no I honestly didn't eat them ALL !!


Katie said...

They are FAB well done

Xiola said...

What?? There's something wrong with eating an entire packet of Tim Tams by yourself? :)

They're all great Claire. I really love the skirts, I'll bet they look too cute on!

Crafty Mama said...

Gorgeous as always, Spunky!!