Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A bit more sewing

Well I have been sewing quite a bit of late - I have had a few orders & have been finishing off things in my pile of half completed projects. I finished off a skirt I cut out for myself about 6 months ago!! It is made from recycled vintage fabric. I was really please that it actually fit me (have gone up a size since I cut it out - chocolate truely makes your clothes shrink!! ).

I have also tried out a pattern with some vintage sheets & other vintage fabric - it is a little smock type long top/dress. I love the style & have just cut out another one with some holly hobbie style fabric & vintage floral.


Sara said...

Claire, I love your skirt. It looks fantastic on you.

Your vintage smock tops are adorable too!

Kylie said...

YOu look fantastic - and LOL at chocolate making you clothes shrink - that is a good one!

And I am in love with that smock top - gorgeous