Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For Me...

Well craftymamas this months theme is "something for me...". So we are to make something for ourselves. I have a long list of things I have been meaning to make or finish for me, but I always seem to make for the kids or others & mine never get completed - sound familiar?? So I am going to give it my best shot this month & make some things for me.

I did have a go at making myself some button brooches from the artsycraftybabe blog. They turned out ok - not as good as hers though. Em decided to claim the yellow one & has hidden it in her room somewhere so I will have to track it down (it would be my favourite of the 2 as well).

I have also bought a Newlook pattern to make a long sleeve top for me. I will be making the white style top, but making it shorter. I am going to make it with this red spot cotton with embroidery all over (bargain from spotlight - end of roll had about 4m on for $10).

Tonight I cut out a vintage wrap skirt pattern from a fab green & yellow floral vintage sheet for me, so I am getting there!

Today I did get some smurf fabric to make Liam some pants - I have been after it for a while, but usually sells for a mint on ebay. I found this drill print from 1980 at a local retro type store for more than you would pay in an opshop, but much cheaper than ebay, so I was rather happy.

A couple of weeks back I stumbled across a thrift store that was selling out someones stash of mags they had donated & got this lot for 10c a pop - so I bought about 20 - they are just lovely to look at (esp when hiding from kids in toilet !!) if nothing else.

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ingrid said...

Wow, the mags are a great find. I love it when I can pick them up that cheap. They make lovely afternoon browsing with a cup of tea and I feel no guilt for wasting money and killing trees, LOL.
The smurf fabric is fab too. The ebay prices for smurfs are crazy. I am glad I filled my stash before it took off. If you want some more you can probably pick it up cheaper on US ebay than here, especially as the exchange rate is so good.