Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Where does all the lost post go???

Ok please someone tell me what happens to lost post?? I would love to go & have a good rummage - there must be some good stuff there!! Unfortunately the bag I made for my SIL did not arrive along with the pants I made for my 2 nieces. We were rather disappointed, but what can you do??

I have made her another bag (as it was a birthday gift) from fabric which she gave me from Japan. Watch out Noriko - I may make monthly orders on Japanese fabric!!

I actually like the fabric combo better than the first bag.

As you can probably tell from most of my pictures I do not have the photographic skill gene! But I suppose they give you the general idea!

I am at my Dads place at the moment in a little place outside Orange (in NSW) and will have to post a pic later of some of my opshop finds. I also visited "The Home Patch" in Bathurst (Annie Downes patchwork store) which was just lovely - oh to have had endless money to spend (and no children with me while I shopped!!!).

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Kylie said...

You can go to the post office and fill out a form - you will be able to get up to $50 back... Have to fill in paper work and wait a while - but you should be able to get back some of the dollars.

It saddens me too - there is someone out thre wer=aring a georgous little dress mt mum made for amelia for her second christmas!