Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crafty Mamas Euro Sewing Comp

Well here is my entry to the Craftymamas Euro Sewing Comp. I am terrible & always leave things to the last minute (ends the 30th April), but I have had quite a few sewing orders to complete & also my Mum is visiting (YEH!! Definately no sarcasm there - I adore my Mum - she is so gorgeous, I am very lucky to have her!!!!!).

Em was not cooperating, but I bribed her with some chocolate (naughty Mummy!!) & she at least tried it on for me. She didn't really want to pose so hopefully you get an idea of what it looks like. She did however love the outfit so much that she refused to take it off!

The top is one of the smock tops which I have created one of my own patterns for & the pants are out of my favourite Ottobre Mag - Summer 3/2006 (these are available at the Crafty Mamas store along with some other fabulous Euro patterns & fabric).


Kylie said...

That is gorgeous - Enjoy time with your mum - i miss mine heaps.

love K

curls said...

Wow, haven't you been a busy sewer! Such a pretty and original looking outfit. My eyes are nearly popping out of my head at the sight of that lush green grass too! Haven't seen any of that round here in ages!