Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thank you Mr Quarantine ....

Well I participated in an easter themed swap at craftymamas recently & was partnered with the gorgeous Monastique (monART). She thankfully received my parcel, but hers had not arrived & so we had all but given up until the end of last week when it finally arrived!!

Mr Quarantine had it all this time - I honestly think he wanted the yummy looking chicken chocolates!!

There are some crochet flowers (I was so excited - I can't crochet, but I love to add these as embellishments) tied with gorgeous spotty ribbon. An egg jigsaw, egg decoration (fab craft to do with the kids!!) Some 3d Scrapbooking pics & last of all these GORGEOUS chicken chocolates which I have miraculously kept hidden from the children!!

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Kylie said...

Glad it arrived - I did not realize the quarantine was so strict in Tasmania until I visited about two years ago... I guess there is no harm in protecting such a beautiful place!