Sunday, March 30, 2008

A bit of a lull....

Well I am in a bit of a lull with my sewing at the moment - not sure if it is the change in the weather down here (wet & freezing!). I have started about 10 things of late, but none finished. I have done alot of looking through my stash - I am a fabricaholic so this is a very enjoyable task. I often find many things & go "oooh I forgot I had that!!". I fell in love with Amy Butler fabrics when her "Ginger Bliss" range came out & have half made a quilt from the fabric, but found some extra bits the other day so I will make a bag I think...... we'll see anyway. Well I think that is enough babbling for now, I really should be sewing up a storm, but instead I think I will go & make a hot chocolate & leave you with a picture of 2 of my current favourite vintage/retro fabrics (first the one with red tones I rescued from a pillow my mother in law was going to toss & the other is a vintage curtain). Both will eventually be made into bags & maybe even a cushion from the green one....there I go babbling again .... hot chocolate is calling & maybe even a timtam to dunk too - ooh that is rather naughty, but oh so YUMMY!!!!

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