Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This is a pic I just had to post - I love it! It is of my darling daughter Em who has claimed my retro Banana Lounge. She wouldn't even share it with her doll, whom she had to get another chair for! It was a bargain $3 from my local tip shop & is in fantastic nik.

I have only recently discovered tip shops & although the name doesn't sound too inviting I have found some great stuff there & the money raised usually goes to local charities which is great! My best buy would probably have been a relatively new sewing machine (looked as though it had hardly been used!) in perfect working order with manual for $10!! So if you like a bargain or just love to have a peek at what is one mans trash & maybe your treasure check out your local tip shop.

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Sarahau said...

I love that picture! She looks set for the Day. i gotta say Im jealous of that stash you showed from the oppies - and your tip shop!